Al-Shaheen CEOIt is my pleasure to welcome you to the Al-Shaheen Weatherford's website. 

Al-Shaheen Weatherford’s mission is to be the company of choice by the operating companies and other clients based in Qatar for an extensive range of oilfield products, services and technologies that help our customers produce oil and gas more efficiently and profitably. By anticipating and exceeding our customers’ short and long-term requirements, we expect to achieve profitability, growth and return to our shareholders, as well as expanding opportunities for our employees.

Our vision extends to cover many disciplines in the oil and gas industry and support services. Along with our partner, Weatherford International, we bring the latest technology into the oil and gas service sector and contribute in developing the upstream and downstream services sector in the State of Qatar.

Our aim is to provide most of the oil and gas services available. Weatherford International is supporting our vision to add the oil and gas industry to meet the clients satisfaction and to determine the Future agreements As development of new fields in the State of Qatar

Mr. Mohammed Al-Mulla
CEO – Al-Shaheen Weatherford


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